Montenegro’s Wine Odyssey: From Mountains to Sea

The enchanting journey through the Balkan wine region continued as esteemed journalists embarked on the third day of the press trip, delving into the rich wine history and burgeoning wine tourism potential of Montenegro. From majestic mountains to the azure waters of the Adriatic Sea, Montenegro offered a captivating blend of landscapes and wines that left our curious journalists yearning for more.

The day began with a scenic bus drive from the hotel, weaving through the picturesque Montenegrin countryside toward the capital city of Podgorica. Along the way, the journalists were treated to awe-inspiring vistas of rolling hills, vineyard-dotted landscapes, and charming rural villages, immersing them in the natural beauty that shapes Montenegro’s wines.

Their first destination was the renowned Radevic Wine Estate – Rogami, a captivating winery nestled amidst the stunning Montenegrin countryside. Here, the journalists had the opportunity to indulge in a delightful wine-tasting session, sampling the estate’s exquisite wines crafted with a deep appreciation for Montenegro’s winemaking heritage. The owner’s rich anecdotes and stories kept our journalists enthralled and entertained while they sampled wines made with passion and love behind each drop. Each sip revealed the unique terroir of the region, inviting the journalists to uncover the hidden stories within each bottle.

Continuing their exploration, the journalists ventured to the celebrated 13 Jul Plantaže Winery, an esteemed establishment that harmoniously blends tradition and innovation. With its vast vineyards spanning the picturesque Skadar Lake region, the winery mesmerized the journalists with its commitment to sustainable practices and the production of exceptional wines. Our journalists had the chance to taste a tailor-made line-up of Vranac wines, autochthone grape variety and the crown jewel of the Montenegrin wine region. 

The journey then led the journalists to the esteemed Rajkovic Winery, a family-owned gem nestled amidst the breathtaking Montenegrin landscape. Here, they were welcomed with a memorable dinner in their tasting room, modelled in a rural style, where the journalists savoured the flavours of local cuisine paired with their finest wines. This authentic dining experience provided an intimate connection to the country’s culinary heritage and further underscored the close relationship between Montenegro’s food, wine, and culture through warm hospitality and a rich history in winemaking traditions. After dinner, the journalists engaged in a captivating wine-tasting experience in the Rajkovic wine cellar, and discovered the nuances and complexities of their wines, reflecting the passion and dedication of the Rajkovic family.

The press trip through Montenegro’s diverse wine regions is part of a broader project, the Association “Balkan Wines,” which seeks to promote the unique cultural richness and untapped potential of Balkan wines. By exploring the country’s wine history and engaging with passionate winemakers, the project aims to foster collaboration, innovation, and the development of wine tourism across the region.

As the journey through the Balkan wine region continues, the journalists eagerly anticipate unravelling the secrets of the remaining countries, uncovering the wealth of hidden gems that lie within their wine regions. Stay tuned as we continue to unveil the captivating narrative of Balkan wines, celebrating the diversity, quality, and untapped potential that make them truly extraordinary.

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