Who We Are?

Our Mission

The mission of BALKAN WINES is to contributing to and promoting regional cooperation, strengthening regional cohesion in the Balkan region with the aim of joining efforts to establish, develop and promote the Balkans as a wine region.

Our Mission

Our Goals

Foster a strong and well-organized regional network of local organizations and participants in the wine sector, promoting collaboration and mutual support.

Advocate for regional, national, and local policies and strategies that promote sustainable development and improvement of the wine industries in the Western Balkans.

Provide a platform for inclusion and participation of all relevant entities from across the Balkan states who are interested in the wine sector.

Facilitate joint promotion and marketing activities among members, such as joint participation in fairs, tastings, exhibitions, and other events to enhance visibility and market access.

Establish educational facilities and programs for wine education and grape production, creating opportunities for learning and skill development in the wine industry.

Develop joint programs for the overall development of the Balkan wine region, including collaborations with other industries such as agriculture and tourism to create synergies and foster regional growth.