1st Edition of the “Balkan Wines” Symposium

The first edition of the Balkan Wines Symposium will be taking place on May 19th at the M6
Educational Centre in Skopje. This landmark event, supported by the UN FAO and EBRD, will be a
celebration of the birth of the Association Balkan Wines and an exploration of the untapped potential
of the Balkan wine region.
The Balkan Wines Symposium will serve as a platform for esteemed journalists, industry experts, and
influential figures to unite and shine a spotlight on the remarkable wines of the Balkan region. This
event marks the culmination of an exclusive press trip, where esteemed journalists embarked on an
unforgettable journey through the 6 Western Balkan countries, unearthing the hidden gems and
unexplored wonders of Balkan wines.
The Balkan Wines Symposium promises to be an inspiring and insightful event that will captivate both
wine enthusiasts and industry professionals alike.